Discover PEKO & Co – Your 1-Stop Shop For All Cooking Accessories & Kitchen Tools!

We are a group of foodies, who love trying new recipes, discovering new ingredients and experimenting with innovative kitchen tools. That’s exactly the reason we decided to create PEKO & Co. We wanted to offer every amateur or professional chef the opportunity to explore new techniques, new products and new tools. Our first product are the Bamboo Cutting Board.

Heart & Soul.

These are the two most important ingredients for the most delicious dishes. If you put your heart and soul into your cooking, your food will not only impress everyone, but also make you feel accomplished. And that’s exactly the feeling we are looking to evoke. Accomplishment.

What Makes PEKO & Co. Products So Special? 

We put our heart and soul into them. Every single PEKO & Co. product has to undergo 2 levels of quality testing. We are the first level and our mothers are the second and most important level. We rigorously test every single kitchen tool in order to ensure its durability, convenience and superiorquality design. And then our seasoned veteran mothers have to offer their grand seal of approval. And as you may already know, a mom-approved kitchen tool is a must-have kitchen tool!

Unleash Your Inner Chef & Re-Discover Your Passion For Cooking!

That’s our main goal. We want to help spark your inner creativity, imagination and motivation. When it comes to cooking, you don’t have to settle for flimsy, cheaply-made or impractical tools and accessories anymore. You can enhance your experience with a premium, ergonomic and affordable PEKO & Co. tool and find your passion again!

Your Satisfaction Is Your Top Priority!

We have scoured the world in order to find the best materials and most advanced products in order to offer you an unparalleled cooking experience. Rest assured that every PEKO & Co. product is not only high-quality and affordable, but also eco-friendly, sturdy and extremely easy to use. Perfect for both amateur and professional chefs, our kitchen tools are going to help you put your heart and soul into your dishes!

Protect Your Counters and Make Preparing Food Easier with our Ecofriendly Bamboo Cutting Board

Whether you’re preparing fresh fish for dinner or chopping up cheese to pair with a meat tray, you need a solid, reliable, antibacterial cutting board that protects your countertops and provides a smooth, clean cutting surface. We created the Peko & Co. Bamboo Cutting Board as an all-natural, ecofriendly way to help you prepare your meals while also keeping counters safe and your health a priority.

Are You Ready For The Most Exciting Cooking Experience? 

Welcome to the PEKO & Co. kitchen. Where premium products meet affordable prices. Where momapproved kitchen tools meet professional design.

Where passion meets excellence.